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Music I listen to

Apart from Cher, I listen to primarily other female rockers such as Heart, Stevie Nicks, Madonna, Celine Dion, Tina Turner, etc.

Interesting facts about me

I have been a die-hard fan for about eight years, and first fell in love with her in 1998 with the release of "Believe." After looking further into her career and her older recordings, I fell in the love with Cher the person, or at least what I think her to be, and found that my all time favorite song is "I Found Someone." I have seen Cher only once in concert, it was during the farewell tour in Tucson on January 19, 2005. I also have three "replica" Cher tattoos, I have the necklace that used to be on her left arm, the crystal tattoo on her right fore arm, and her butt tattoos. I used to have her name on my ankle, it was actually one of the logos used alot during her "heart of stone" promotions, the one where it's a heart but it spells out Cher. But I decided it was too small and had it covered up with a butterfly. 

Comments about me

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    Kudos for you...Cher Fan here too! :)
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    Hi, I am a huge french Cher fan! I read you have the necklace tatoo on your arm. I would like to make it on my arm, but I don't find any good picture. Could send you send to me a picture of your? Thanks.
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